21st July 2017

It is with much sorrow that we share the sad news of the passing of Martin Glassborrow who died earlier this month.

Martin was such an important volunteer for the Foodbank, from soon after we first opened until May 2015 when he had to step back from volunteering. Very reliable, dependable, wise, willing, friendly. He was a friend to so many clients.

Martin joined us in the early months as we were getting up and running and beginning to establish it as a credible charity serving the local community. Martin was always so willing to help ensure the Foodbank was on a firm footing.

A great community man who gave so much time to those living locally through all his work with a wide range of projects including his work with young people at Crystal Palace Football Ground, local youth groups and work at Wey River Canoe Centre, providing outdoor pursuits for inner city young people, and then with us at the Foodbank.

Helping set up supermarket collections at Sainsbury’s Streatham Common, where to encourage donations he would be buying a trolley full of food to get us started and we would often have to persuade him to go home rather than stay all day! 

Driving food around including moving the warehouse twice, and being one of my key drivers even when his car was not working well and often stopping completely.

In Foodbank sessions he was so calm, measured and helpful even at times when stress levels were rising. He would carry parcels to bus stops and on odd occasions topped up travels cards so people could get home, even delivering food when clients could just not manage.

He used his contacts with Crystal Palace Football Ground to get us a bucket collection – a memorable occasion for all who helped. He mentored and supported young volunteers and became great friends with many Foodbank team members, some of whom could be regularly seen with him on a local golf course.

The first day Martin walked into Foodbank to offer his help was a day of blessing for us and we continued to feel blessed by all he did throughout his time as a volunteer. As he battled with cancer, members of the team never forgot him and he will be greatly missed.

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