March Newsletter

27th March 2019

We’re running two fabulous fundraising campaigns this Easter. The first is our ’40 pence for 40 days’ campaign which has been a big succes in previous years. The challenge begins on 6th March which is the beginning of Lent and also marks 40 days until Easter. All you have to do is find an empty jam jar, small box or a similar container and start collecting 40 pence for 40 days. At the end of Lent on 18th April,donate the money to Foodbank.
The second campaign is our ADLENT CALENDAR (see what we did there?). We have selected items that are usually in short supply and we encourage you to buy them on each of the 40 days of Lent. At the end of Lent deliver the items to our warehouse. Click on the image below to download your ADLENT CALENDAR now.

More and more people are moving onto Universal Credit. None of them should need a foodbank. But from the very start, everyone who applies has to wait at least five weeks for a first payment – some people are left waiting longer. This is leaving many without enough money to cover the basics. The Trussell Trust has been campaigning on this issue for some time. Click here for the most up to date information as the #5weekstoolong campaign unfolds, or to sign up click here.

A big thank you to everyone who has donated to us in the last month. We have had several large offerings including one huge donation from Rosemead school which came just at the right time. Thank you!

We are appealing for Oyster cards. If you have any spare cards please do bring them in to one of our Foodbank distribution points and we will top them up with £1.50. We will then distribute them to clients who would otherwise struggle to get their food home.


We are experiencing a bit of a milk shortage at the moment with milk cartons missing from our shelves. Our Brixton branch has totally run out so please deliver straight there if you can. They are open from 10am-1pm on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
We want to thank Karen and her team at Star Bargains for gifting us £100.- to use at their online store over a ten week period. Star Bargains is part of Fulton Foods and provides a platform for customers to purchase popular brands at discounted prices. After hearing that 1,332,952 food parcels were handed out last year they felt compelled to offer ten Foodbanks this wonderful opportunity. We are one of them and we are extremely grateful.

Are you free during the week and have a clean driving licence? If you would like to help us pick up and deliver food on an ad-hoc basis then we’d love to hear from you. No need to own your own car, we have access to a zip van to get past that hurdle. Do email if you would like to help.

We are requesting donations of reusable canvas bags to help us pack our clients’ food parcels. Not only are these stronger than the plastic bags but they are also environmentally friendly and can be returned by our clients should they need to use our service again in the future.


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