April Newsletter

2nd April 2019

For many of our clients with young families it isn’t just food they need when they attend our Foodbank but also nappies. A recent article from the All Parliamentary Group on Poverty suggests that as much as 46% of child benefit can be spent on purchasing nappies. We currently have a shortage of size 5 and 6 nappies and pull-ups and would gladly receive any donations of this kind.
We were extremely ‘appy’ when we received donations of milk from a member of the community who had seen our cry for help on the ‘Nextdoor’ App. Within 20 mins of one of our Foodbank team posting on the app, four crates of milk arrived to replenish our empty shelves. We’d love it if you could use this app or other creative means to share our Foodbank requests for help.
Did you know we have a Facebook account and two Twitter accounts (Norwood and Brixton)? You can follow us to keep up to date with all the latest goings-on in our Foodbank world. If you have two minutes to spare, we’d love to ask you a couple of questions to help shape our social media strategy and to see how we can be of most use to you. Click on the image above to take part. Thank you!
We celebrated Mother’s Day a day early by presenting a bunch of flowers to all mothers who attended our Saturday Foodbank session. The flowers, kindly purchased by one of our volunteers, brought lots of smiles to the mums’ faces and literally brightened up their day.
On Thursday, 4th April we will be holding a Foodbank prayer evening and we would love you to join us as we share our needs, hopes, challenges and stories of success. Everyone is welcome whether you attend church regularly or have never attended a prayer meeting before. The venue is St Lukes Church, Knights Hill, SE27 0HS and it will take place from 8-9.30pm.
Since the start of Lent on Wednesday, 6th March we’ve been encouraging you to save 40 pence for 40 days which, once gift aid is added, will come to twenty pounds. It’s not too late to take part and start saving. At the end of Lent on Thursday, 18th April, you can make your donation here.
On Friday, 19th April our West Norwood branch will be closed for the bank holiday. Our Brixton branch will be open as normal on Saturday, 20th April.
On Saturday, 18th May we will be running a Foodbank cake stall at the Rosendale Spring Fair. We are on the lookout for bakers to provide us with tasty treats and also for people to help us sell them on the day. If you are able to participate please do email us at
We have three distribution points across the Borough of Lambeth with different opening times for each. Click on the above image for more information regarding our food distribution points.
Our shelves don’t always look as full as this; in fact, there are always a few items that we are especially low on. Click on the above image to view the products which are in short supply.


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