February 2021 Newsletter

16th February 2021

We have an item about Keir Starmer’s visit last month to our warehouse, to discuss keeping the £20 per week uplift to Universal Credit. This money can mean the difference between people being able to purchase food for themselves or pushing them into a situation where they need to rely on a foodbank, should it be removed. We do not want to see more and more people being forced into these circumstances. There is a link to sign a petition to #keepthelifeline

Please note, since this newsletter was published earlier this month, we have added two new items to our shopping list which we are running short of i.e. jars of pasta sauce and size 4 nappies.  Also, we are appealing for pet food as we are experiencing increased demand. There is some lovely feedback too, in the form of a voice clip, from one of our guests.

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On Monday, 18th January Keir Starmer visited our South London warehouse to discuss the £20pw uplift to Universal Credit and its importance to those families who are reliant upon it. Keir met with South London project leads Elizabeth and Rebekah as well as several volunteers before being filmed for the evening edition of the BBC News which you can view here. You can see the photos from his visit on our website.
Action taken by the Government at the start of the pandemic provided extra support for low-income families by adding a £20pw uplift to Universal Credit, giving families a vital lifeline when they needed it most. This lifeline was, however, only put in place as a temporary measure and is due to be cut in April. With record numbers of clients using our Foodbank, we know first-hand that the £20pw uplift is indeed a lifeline for many. You can use your voice to ensure the £20pw uplift will remain beyond April and that it will be extended to those on the old benefit system. Ask your MP today to push the Government to #keepthelifeline. Email your MP and/or sign the petition here.
We thought you’d like to hear directly from one of our clients about the impact your food donations are making. Listen to this short audio soundbite by clicking on the image above.
In this cold weather many of our clients struggle to heat homes and staying warm throughout the winter is often a difficult task. We would like to be able to give out hot water bottles to make life more comfortable while we investigate other possible ways to help. Could you donate a new hot water bottle with cover to help them stay warm? Please bring your new hot water bottles to our South London warehouse during opening hours.
With the latest lockdown measures now in full force, more people will be facing severe hardship and will need the help of our Foodbank. We will continue to operate our delivery service for emergency food parcels to those in need. If you can support us with donations, here is an updated list of items we urgently need. Thank you for your support.
As a Foodbank our primary focus has always been to ensure children and adults receive emergency food supplies to help them through a period of crisis. Over time, however, we have broadened our service to provide other essential items such as nappies, sanitary products and toiletries. We also endeavour to provide cat and dog owners with pet food to accompany their food parcel when our stock levels allow. Unfortunately, demand is high and at present our shelves are empty. If you are able to add a tin of cat or dog food to your next Foodbank shopping list we have plenty of clients who would be very grateful.


Please note that due to Covid-19, some of our distribution points are currently closed! Drop-boxes are still operating in various local shops across Lambeth. 

Please check our website for the latest information on how and where to donate food.

We have a number of new initiatives to suit your donating preferences, including our text to donate service where simply by texting ‘dinner 5’  or ‘dinner 10’ to 70085 enables you to donate the corresponding amount through your phone. Please click on the image above and download our ‘ways to donate’ info sheet to see all options available to you.


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