March 2022 Newsletter

7th March 2022

Here is our March newsletter. To share or download click here.


Our expanding team is on the lookout for a website coordinator. This volunteer position will fulfil a key need within our team, ensuring that our website is kept up to date and relevant and that key messages are communicated to our supporters. Please click here to view the full description or to view other roles that are available (insert post code SW2 3BH).
Top of our most-needed-items list this week is tinned fruit! We’re almost out and would appreciate donations to help restock our shelves. Click on the image to see the full list including other items we need and details of where you can donate. Alternatively, you can donate using the Bankuet delivery service. Don’t forget if you would like to make a financial donation you can use our text to donate service (text ‘dinner 5’, ‘dinner 10’ or ‘dinner XX’ (insert amount of your choice to 70085) and our JustGiving page. Thank you.
We received this email from one of our Foodbank clients after she had been contacted by one of our sign-posting team offering additional support:

“I would just like to say a big thanks for the food on the 15/02/2022. There was so many treats, it felt like Christmas. I also want to say a special thank you to Sarah (name changed). She passed on some really useful information. That conversation changed my life. Her prayer lifted up my day and I truly appreciated her time”

We are so grateful to our team of volunteers who make sure each of our clients receives a follow-up call offering further assistance to a range of services.

Earlier this week we were able to help the donation drive at the White Eagle Club in Balham for those fleeing the war in Ukraine. We provided sanitary boxes from our South London warehouse which was one of the products that was urgently needed. You can read more about the incredible work this Polish Community Centre is doing in providing supplies to Ukraine here, including how to get involved.
We will be celebrating Easter on Sunday, 17th April. Every year we love to supplement our food parcels with Easter Eggs to bring some extra joy to our clients with families. If you would like to donate, we would be grateful for any Easter egg contributions in the lead up to that date.
Beginning on Ash Wednesday, Lent is the period of 40 days which comes before Easter in the Christian calendar and is a season of reflection. With just 10 daily minutes of reflection this Lent, you can help challenge UK hunger. Sign up to discover small, powerful acts you can take to spark change and you’ll receive a daily dose of inspiration from the Trussell Trust to help you spread God’s compassion throughout Lent.


Please note that due to Covid-19, some of our distribution points are currently closed. Drop-boxes are still operating in various local shops across Lambeth. 

Please check our website for the latest information on how and where to donate food.

We have a number of options to suit your donating preferences, including our text to donate service where simply by texting ‘dinner 5’, ‘dinner 10’ or ‘dinner XX’ (insert amount of your choice) to 70085 enables you to donate the corresponding amount through your phone. Please click on the image above and download our ‘ways to donate’ info sheet to see all options available to you.

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