A special Christmas fayre

19th December 2017

gifts for 0-3yrs delighted teens showing their presents!

Older people in the churches in Streatham were determined to find ways of giving as well as receiving. Thus was born the partnership between Streatham Senior Connections and the Norwood and Brixton Foodbank.  Over the last few months older people from Christ Church, Immanuel and St Andrews, St Leonard’s and St Peter’s, Streatham Baptist Church and Streatham Methodist Church have collected toys and other gifts for a very special Christmas Fair.


Invitations to the fair were distributed by the foodbank and the 40 ‘senior’ volunteers hosted a total of 145 grown-ups and children.  The fair was special because no money was involved.  Each guest was given a small bag of tokens to exchange for gifts – and a visit to Father Christmas.  Gifts were wrapped and labelled ready for Christmas day.  As well as tables laden with gifts, face painting, card making and refreshments were provided, and each family received a £10 voucher and special gift bag as they left the fair.

Tesco giftcard

Whilst the intention was for an older people’s effort many others came on board.  This was another blessing, so many others wanted to give: PRS for Music, a local employer gave generously as did Purley Baptist Church Lunch Club; Tesco Extra and Sainsbury’s played their part; Big Yellow helped with storage and Streatham Home Cooks Project produced the most delectable food.  Love Streatham, Streatham WI and Club 55 from Streatham Leisure Centre all contributed and made this a unique all Streatham effort.



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