Christmas 2023 – thank you!

24th December 2023

A massive thank you to everyone who has helped us to achieve our Christmas week target. We gave out 1012 parcels which fed 2792 people and gave away 32 tonnes food.

And in the week before Christmas every food parcel also contained Christmas presents. Foodbank people Ellie and Charlotte worked non-stop organising the presents, many of which were donated by members of the public and corporate businesses. They checked the gender and age of every single person in every family to find a suitable present for each.

Ready for dispatch
Ready for dispatch

Reg was in charge of making sure the parcels went off on time to the right people, with lots of volunteer drivers too.

And there were many other Foodbank people who helped to make it all happen – amongst others Sarah and Pat on the fruit and veg, Owen and Dan on the computers printing labels and client sheets for the packers, and in charge of it all, Elizabeth.

Over 140 volunteers helped in various ways. As well as volunteer delivery drivers others packed the parcels, noting each family’s special requirements, but they relied on the volunteers under Ali who keep the shelves filled from the crates of supplies behind the scenes.

Crates of supplies
Crates of supplies

Kate volunteers there and says how well organised it is. She enjoys the team effort which also includes the fiddly jobs of dividing up boxes of teabags and laundry pods into smaller portions!

Pauline is a long-term regular packer. Although Christmas is an extra busy time she likes to see the special Christmas food items and presents included in the parcels.

Volunteer Dave particularly likes the atmosphere at Christmas. He says “It’s brilliant to do something for people at this time of year when it’s all about family. It makes it extra special for me.”

For sisters Amy and Gail this was their first time at the warehouse. They hadn’t been sure what to expect but loved the ‘upbeat atmosphere’ (including the cheerful Christmas music) and the fact that everything is so well organised that even for first-timers there was no difficulty knowing what to do.

Then there are the hidden volunteers who make phone calls to find out what people need – some of these volunteers are from outside the area, from as far afield as Manchester!

To everyone who has helped, have a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

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